It is very important to have a good set of brakes on todayís race vehicles. Using the brakes will allow you to go into the turn deeper, which gives you faster lap times than when you coast in without brakes. You can then pick up the throttle sooner because the vehicle has slowed to the best cornering speed sooner.

You need to have a proper brake balance on the vehicle. It is also an advantage to have a cockpit adjustable brake balance pedal in the vehicle. When the vehicle enters the corner and the brakes are used, the weight will transfer forward. Because of this, the front brakes will do most of the stopping. A good starting point is to have 60% of the brake bias on the front of the vehicle on pavement and 50% in front on dirt. As the race goes on, you can turn the brake balance adjuster to the front or the rear depending on what the track is doing. If the track gets looser as the race goes on, then you need to put more front brake into the vehicle to keep the rear end from getting out. If the track tightens up as the race goes on, then you need more rear brake so the vehicle wonít push toward the wall when entering the corner. Be careful using the brake balance adjuster. Stay away from large amounts of adjustment in a few laps. The track is not likely to change that rapidly. Iíve seen some people use brake balance when a tire is going flat.

Use a DOT 4 or better high quality brake fluid. Never use old contaminated brake fluid. Remember, once the brake fluid container is opened, the fluid in the container is subjected to moisture. Use small containers of fluid and keep the cap on tight when not in use. The brakes on a race vehicle are used harder and run hotter than street vehicle brakes. Hotter brakes can boil the fluid and cause the pedal to become spongy. It is a good recommendation to bleed the brakes several times during the year to get the overheated fluid out of the brake system. This will help eliminate the spongy brake pedal caused by moisture build up.

Use steel braided lines from the brakes to the frame. Use a good steel brake line throughout the race vehicle. Keep the steel braided lines to a minimum. Do not use steel braided lines throughout the race vehicle because the steel braided lines tend to flex under pressure and you will lose some of your brake pedal.

Remember brakes are very important in a race vehicle. Not only do they help improve your lap times, they also could keep you out of accidents.


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